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Occupational Health and occupational safety from a single source. We take care of your health and safety at work.


We are a dedicated team of health professionals, committed to effectively implementing the health and safety strategy of your organisation, in accordance with all legal requirements.

Our team will advise you personally and in a practical orientated way. We are an independent Service Provider for Munich and the adjacent regions.

We pursue a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the following goals:

  • A healthy workforce
  • The prevention of work place accidents
  • The prevention of work related illnesses
  • The reduction of environmental and work risks

We can support your organisation in creating a solid health and safety management system that will in turn lead to sustainable preventive structures.

  • All occupational medical examinations
  • All preventive occupational health examinations

Occupational Medical Examinations

  • All medical examinations for traffic medicine in Germany (FeV)
  • All medical examinations for lorry, bus, taxi

Traffic Medicine

  • Wide variety of occupational safety services
  • Full coverage of legal requirements for occupational health and safety in Germany

Occupational Safety

We believe that patients and companies can benefit from evidence-based knowledge combined with hands-on information. We offer small and medium sized enterprises solid information on various work-related topics within the legal framework in Germany.

Whatever your work environment, we’ll support you to deal even with complex health and safety related issues. Our occupational health service aims to stabilise and improve work-ability, protecting not only your physical health, but mental health and wellbeing too.

Our assistance includes occupational health advice, preventive programmes, absence management and counselling. Medical secrecy and data protection guidelines are fundamental and obtained at all times.

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For all employment sectors

In the European Union, employers are required as part of their statutory “duty of care” to provide adequately for the health and safety of their employees. Although there are considerable differences between the relevant regulations in the various member states of the EU, there is a common basis which is described in the Council Directive 89/391/EEC and the associated individual directives.

Occupational medical care, which is concerned with the interaction between work, profession and health, is covered by these directives. Its particular aims include:

  • Assessment of workplace conditions (risk assessment)
  • Provision of recommendations for improvement of working conditions
  • Informing and advising the employees about work-related risks
  • Early recognition and prevention of occupational diseases and work-related illnesses
  • Improving our knowledge of exposures and risks.

Thus occupational medical care does not only aim to keep employees healthy but also to bring about improvements in health protection at the workplace. By means of occupational medical care, the employer can demonstrate that he is meeting his “duty of care” responsibilities, provided that the medical care is provided by qualified specialists under quality-controlled conditions and the results are appropriately documented. (Source:

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