Environmental Safety


Our experts will advise and guide you, especially in matters concerning:

  • Hazardous substances and joint hazardous substances data base
  • Emissions and prevention of water pollution

Awareness and advice on environmental regulations with regards to emissions, storage of hazardous substances, waste disposal and recycling solutions. We offer professional guidance on Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

  • Installation and adjustment of the EMS
  • Support of ISO certification process 14001

Our occupational health and saftey experts support you to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. Studies show that deficiencies in the area of occupational safety and health can lead to significant negative economical effects. Anyone who commissions or permits work as an entrepreneur or as a representative (supervisor, foreman, manager…) should comply with the occupational safety regulations and standards to protect the health of the employees.

Environmental protection refers to the entirety of all measures to protect the environment in order to maintain human health. Environmental protection has several functions and contains different principles. It prevents damage to the environment (prevention), pushes it back (repression) and restores natural resources as far as possible (reparation). Climate protection means counteracting anthropogenic influences that can lead to global warming and mitigating their consequences.

The main approaches to climate protection are currently the reduction of man-made greenhouse gas emissions and the maintenance and support of the functions of the oceans and forests in this context: as carbon sinks, these absorb the most important greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, in terms of quantity. Climate protection is therefore strongly linked to the two areas of forest protection and water protection in your work environment.