Occupational Health


  • Ensuring medical standards in the framework of legal occuaptional health requirements
  • Providing a wide range of medical examinations based on occupational health guidelines
  • The analysis and implementation of preventive measurements
  • Disease prevention programmes for target groups

It’s a win-win situation, if the work organisation and the work environment follow scientific based health advice.

We appreciate the value of your time, and will focus on the most important issues in order to meet the various legal requirements. On request, we can offer additional support on topics such as Health Days, Health Management or projects.

Occupational risk assessment is the basis on which to initiate a tailored strategy for your company.


The objective of practical orientated ergonomics is to reduce and adopt work related strain. Good ergonomics e.g. a proper set up of your office work environment will improve your health. An important preventive aspect is the so called human-machine interface, which should be designed in a user friendly way.

Our professional advice starts with the basic but very important individual ergonomical advice for all employees and ends with complex ergonomical concepts for a whole building or office.

Computer input devices are being tested by us; especially in view of qualitative and practical aspects. New developments, such as dynamic workplaces equipped with a deskbike or treadmill are interesting preventive measures.