Psychological Risk Assessment


Psychological health is an indispensable precondition for your well-being and helps you cope with difficult situations. New studies indicate multitasking and time pressure are the most relevant stress factors in our modern work life.

From the occupational health point of view we can support your company regarding

  • Health risk assessment for psychological risks
  • Targeted preventive concepts and measurements
  • The prevention for of drug and substance abuse

On an individual basis, we can advise you on

  • Possible treatment options
  • Health promotion activities
  • Conflicts in the workplace, mobbing, and work related crisis intervention


In general, one can say, that psychological strain at work is normal to a certain extent. In the legal framework, risk assessment also includes psychological factors. Our preventive strategy supports all parties

  • For early detection of psychological symptoms
  • To avoid psychological stress
  • This has a positive influence on the company`s performance.

The following measures can stabilise resources

  • Encourage competencies regarding decision-making and health management
  • Create a comfortable and efficient work environment

We propose the following steps

  • Status analysis, possible communication plan
  • Adequate questionnaire to create a basis and communication with all relevant parties
  • Interpretation of the results considering data protection
  • Define and implement timely concrete measurements
  • Regular updates